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there is a woman that is bending over some wood
Revista de decoración, tendencias para el hogar, manualidades y DIY #homedecor #decoration #decoración #interiores
a wooden cutting board sitting on top of a white cloth covered tablecloth with black and brown designs
Interlocking Cubes Cutting Board - Etsy Canada
This cutting board has got to be the most complex Ive ever made. It is functional and beautiful, giving the illusion of interlocking cubes. The cutting surface is end-grain, not face-grain as in many cutting boards. It takes longer to make the end-grain cutting boards (Google making 3D
a white table sitting on top of a black floor
Camden Table
The Camden Dining Table sports a highly sculptural design, from the dual-tapered half-moon pedestal base to the rounded corners of the chamfered glass-top. High gloss lacquer on the table's underside provides a matching sheen with the primary base finish, while the natural wood veneer on the base's ends add visual interest and organic appeal. Seats 8-10.
a close up view of the wood grain pattern
Shades of Grey - Vtec Cerused Oak. We are finishing the Valentine's month joining the promotion of "everything is Grey," and it's not just about the movie, but design trends have also been on a "grey" theme. Here are two grey veneers, Vtec Cerused Oak, available in flat and quarter cut. Vtec is our reconstituted veneer line and an innovative, cost-effective approach to real wood veneer. ‪#‎bohlke‬ ‪#‎wom‬ ‪#‎shadesofgrey‬ ‪#‎vtec‬ ‪#‎reconstituted‬ ‪#‎oak‬ ‪#‎reconstitutedwood‬ ‪#‎veneer‬
there are many circular holes in the ground covered with plastic wrap and some wood sticks
Oysterwood 800 - Oysterwood is end grain cut veneer from high quality timber. Traditionally, veneer is cut horizontally along the tree but this process slices it vertically along the end. After the tree is cut, the logs are sliced into sheer discs and staggered to give a hint of style to any surface. The outcome shows the annual growth rings of the tree. #oysterwood #bohlke #veneer #endgrain
an image of wood grain textured with dark brown stain on the top and bottom
Kingwood | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwood)
an image of wood grains that is very close to the camera's lens
A Medley of Wood Types - Images from various wood species
Quartered Macassar Ebony
closeup of the wood grain on a piece of furniture that has been made into a wall
Ziricote Wood Sample
the wood grain is very thin and smooth
H Shawyer & Sons Ltd - Veneer Chart
closeup of wood grains on a wooden surface
Tornillo | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwood)
a close up view of the wood grains on this wooden flooring material, which looks like it has been stained brown
Teak | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwood)