1969 Honda S90

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Honda cd70 -275727

honda benly 50 s 2006 # Clean white is really great colour with beige there are some very hot BMW in cream and navy great the business gal going to work hmm

A bike need not be big to be beautiful. This Honda S90 is a peach.

Here’s a little beauty by Deus ex Machina (god from the machine). If you ride and haven’t heard of these guys I’m sure you’ll be reconsidering your next bike.

A man built this Honda S90 in his apartment | Bike EXIF

A man built this Honda S90 in his apartment

Simon Radomski& little Honda custom is immaculate. Quite remarkably, he built it in his Alabama apartment—with permission from his wife.

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CD50 CD90 カスタム フリスコ ボバー ハンドチェンジ _画像2

CD50 CD90 カスタム フリスコ ボバー ハンドチェンジ _画像2

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Custom honda 90 cafe racer

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