I wonder who she was, and what became of her people ... .: Photo By Andre Roosevelt :.

© Andre Roosevelt, Bali dancer A towering headdress and plug earrings adorn a Balinese djanger dancer, part of a coed performance that was “more of popular fun than of temple dance or.

Indonesia ~ Kassian Cephas Indonesia 1845-1912 Young Javanese Woman c. 1885 Albumen silver Photograph 13.7 x 9.8 cm Collection National Gallery of Australia (Via Art Blart )

Kassian Céphas Indonesia Young Javanese woman c. 1885 Albumen silver photograph x cm Collection National Gallery of Australia (via Art Blart)

Kibbutz Volunteering - How it changed my life:

Kibbutz volunteering - How it changed my life

I think it started back in at least that’s when it happened, that is: the travel bug bit me, and hard. Kibbutz volunteering was my travel bug.