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Girl fact #231 call her beautiful not hot she's a women not a temperature>> yes

I agree with this. If you're going to compliment a girl, call her beautiful because it sounds better than being called hot. Hot can be offending.

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Past relationships have taught me that there are many different kinds of sins guys struggle with. Of course, women struggle with these too, but the focus for this article will be from a woman&

Change Yourself, Not Your Spouse #marriage #christianmarriage We try to change our spouses by praying, wishing, nagging, lecturing, explaining, begging, threatening, controlling, and manipulating. Consider these questions: How much time and energy do you spend trying to change your spouse? What else could you do with your time?

This Christian marriage help will enable you to take back your power to change your life whether your husband or wife changes or not. The problems in your marriage are real and the changes you want your spouse to make are most likely reasonable.