Ron Bloom

Ron Bloom
planet earth / I like to make friends globally and learn new things
Ron Bloom
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Whatever it is that you do or encounter, only time can tell whether it is good or bad.

Time Can Tell Biker Tank by Lookiz

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It was raining that night. John was having dinner with his son, Jeff. Jeff : "Dad, if we believe something is true, then it will be true.

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John was driving on a highway with his boy, Jeff. A car just passed them. Jeff : "Dad, go faster. That car just passed us by fast!

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It was night time on mountain Wisdom. Tony and his teacher, the wise man, were sitting in the front yard enjoying the mo.

LOSE WEIGHT DIET: Get Rid Of Your Fat And Get In Shape

3 Steps for fixing flared ribs without taking a surgery. Highly successful method that is proven for repairing flared ribs and pectus excavatum.

FIT WITH BELLY DANCE: Have Fun Belly Dancing And Get Fit

Getting fit has to be fun. Belly dance achieves that. Some of you might have just heard of belly dance for the first time.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Positive Affirmations For Your Well-Being

Positive affirmations and visualizations create positive energy that helps make your body fit and.