Urap Sayur, Vegetable Salad with Coconut

indonesian vegetable salad with coconut, urap sayur

Tasty Indonesian Food - Pecel

Pecel, vegetables with spicy peanut sauce

Fruit Rojak, Indonesian Spicy Fruit Salad

We love our fruit with something kicking. Be it some sweetened plum powder with salt or some thick gooey palm sugar sauce called Rojak Sauce (bumbu rujak).

Food Heritage: Spicy Water Spinach (Kangkong) Salad a.k.a Plecing Kangkung

Food Heritage: Spicy Water Spinach (Kangkong) Salad a.a Plecing Kangkung

Tasty Indonesian Food - Gado-gado

Gado-gado, indonesian vegetables salad with peanut sauce

Javanese raw salad "trancam".

Javanese raw salad "trancam".

Rojak cingur.

Rojak cingur.

Clover pecel..

Clover pecel..

Delicious Food Recipe: KAREDOK

Recipe Picture:Indonesian Salad in Peanut Sauce (Karedok)

Pecel is the typical food from Indonesia. Based vegetables like long beans, bean sprouts, and kale. Disausi with peanut sauce are typical. Making...

Pecel ~ a kind of Indonesian salad. Seasoned with chopped peanut sweet chilli sauce. Topped with fried peanut crisp or rice crisp.