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When she is a DAUGHTER, she opens a door of heaven for her father. When she is a WIFE, she completes half of the deen (religion) of her husband. (It is mean that marriage is prayer) When she is a MOTHER, heaven lies under her feet. ( it is mean that one of God's blessings will be gotten by respect, and keep your behaviour to your mother) "If everyone knew the true status of a muslim women, even the men would want to be women" - Syaykh Akram Nadawi


TIP #5: Recite/reflect/memorize Quran “After Fajr prayer is an amazing time to be alone with the Quran. Before the day’s distractions set you off course, use this time to recite, reflect and memorize The Quran...” O Allah, help us to truly benefit from the beautiful morning hours! Aameen! Discover the ‘7 Tips on How to Stay Up after Fajr’:


Discover tips to control our tongues and increase in patience, both in our communication with others and within ourselves -> Tip #2: Apologize “Hard as it may be, if we do happen to say something that is hurtful to someone, just simply apologize. Whether it was what you said or how you said it, remind yourself to apologize for your misbehaviour if you feel like you stepped out of line (regardless of whether or not the other person shows that they feel hurt or…

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