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Princess Diana

One of the most photographed women of modern times, Diana, Princess of Wales was seldom away from the public gaze.

October 11, 1984: Prince Charles, Princess Diana with their children, Prince William and Prince Harry portrait taken by Lord Snowdon at Kensington Palace.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, pose for a family portrait with their sons Prince William, and Prince Harry, at Kensington Palace in London on Oct.

April 30, 1983: Princess Diana's and Prince Charles' Departure from Auckland, NZ for Eleuthera. Diana in a single narrow-belted dress in emerald-green chiffon. Plain neckline and long sleeves ruffled at the cuff. Wearing her 3-stringed pearl choker that was an 18th Birthday gift from her father.

Princess Di Welcome to the World of Diana, personal, private and professional. What a brave girl she was, going up against that decrepit family.