earth / grease monkey by the day,batman by the night
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Hot Wheels 2012 HW PREMIERE ~ THE BAT ~ The Dark Night Rises ~ 27/50 by Mattel, Inc.. $5.99. This 2012 HW Premiere THE BAT vehicle is the international version of the 2012 New Models THE BAT vehicle. Of the main line Hot Wheels released in 2012, there are 50 New Models, 10 series of 10 cars, 15 Treasure Hunts, 15 Track Stars, 45 Thrill Racers and 22 Code Cars, totaling 247 cars.

2013 Hot Wheels Secret Treasure Hunt Circle Trucker

2014 Hot Wheels ''hw city'' #89 = The Homer = Green ''The Simpsons'' NIP!!!!

Hot Wheels 2012 K.I.T.T. Knight Rider Industries Two Thousand Die-Cast Collectible. by MATTEL. $14.25. 2012 HW Premiere 17 of 50. Save 51%!

Vintage Hot Wheels Toy Car, The Incredible Hulk, 1970s Spoiler Sport - gift for him, Marvel, yellow, green, retro, diecast, kids toy