Stencil and paste resist (Katazome 型染め): The color could be darker, like midnight blue, but I love the pattern.

BATIK of Javanese [Indonesian] origin

BATIK of Javanese [Indonesian] origin is melted wax applied to cotton cloth. In Yogyakarta , I watched fascinated as tradition.

Batik Indonesia

The Kind of Design Althought Central Java is the centre of Javanese Batik, the design evolves according to the part of the region where i.

Kain Panjang (Indonesian Batik)

Solo (Surakarta) was one of the two sultanates, with all the traditions and customs of their courts, and the center of Hindu-Javanese culture

indonesian batik sarong

Batik is an expression of spirituality and culture. Each print constitutes a special meaning

Indonesian Batik

But I'm including prints with grid patterns on this board because they have a similar visual impact.