How to Cook Butter Garlic Shrimp Recipes | Mukpin Recipes

Basic Shrimp Scampi by Chow. Shrimp scampi is a simple mix of garlic, shrimp, butter, and wine. It’s a meal that can be served over pasta or as a first course with crusty bread and a Caesar Salad.

How to Cook Indonesian Spicy Nasi Goreng Recipes | Mukpin Recipes

Indonesian Nasi Goreng served with Veggie Chips, Slices of Cucumber and Tomato, and Scrambled Tofu Indonesian fried rice also called Nas.

How to Cook Indonesian Satay Recipes | Mukpin Recipes

How to Cook Indonesian Satay Recipes

How to Cook Indonesian Lumpia Recipes | Mukpin Recipes

Lumpia are pastries of Chinese origin similar to fresh popiah or fried spring rolls popular in Southeast Asia.