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5 Stunning Muslim Wedding Dresses for 2017 - We are living on a planet full of diversity in almost everything; human beings differ in many aspects. Diversity is good as long as combined with libe.


Abaya or burqa is Muslim dress that Muslim girls used to wear for hiding their body and more importantly morality and modesty that reflect from this attire. In Islam it is advised to Muslim ladies …

There's something about the plissé and two-tones that makes this gown very elegant... I absolutely love it!

Abaya designs has been changed with time. New Abaya and Hijab styles are available and we have organized a beautiful collection for the ladies. As far as I remember or I have studied that Abaya used to be simple black dress with loose ends.

Dubai Very Fancy Kaftans Abaya Jalabiya Very Nice Ladies Maxi Dress Wedding Gown | eBay

Caftan, Umbrella, Rose Pleated Abaya with Flare Designs - Girls Hijab Style & Hijab Fashion Ideas

Leena Asad ♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

today in our post we will present some classy hijab outfits from an American/ Palestinian Muslim girl lived in Texas united states

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♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style minus the hat .or wear it properly so it looks better

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I love berry and plum together but it's easy to go overboard. Breaking up the color scheme with a neutral-colored khimar and shoes saves your outfit form becoming a "Matchy Matchy Mess.