Tutorial Plain Wide Shawl

Looking for ideas how to wear hijab elegantly? These 15 simple step by step hijab tutorial you can easily make and get a stunning look

This hijab style has it all, the elegance, the modesty and the beauty, it's a classy look especially using this hijab color, earth colors have become the most trendy shades whether on hijabs or on makeup. To get this look,…

Place the hijab on your head with equal side Pin under your chin Bring the left side a little bit to the top Pin it Then bring it loosely to your right shoulder and pin it Take the long side Wrap it all over your head Pin it Add a statement necklace

with square hijab

You have many square scarves in your wardrobe, but you don't know how to wear them? Many Hijabis think that square hijabs are dif

1. Letakkan shawl yg satu lebih pendek 2. Ambil sisi lebih pendek, bawa ke arah telinga 3. Sematkan di atas telinga 4. Pegang ujung sisi panjang 5. Tarik ke bawah supaya kencang, sematkan dengan jarum 6 dan 7. Bawa sisi panjang ke depan dada, teripuskan sampai ke atas kepala 8. Sematkan dengan jarum 9. Done :) #hijabtutorialbyzahra

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