Ryuchi Sarizawa

Ryuchi Sarizawa

Ryuchi Sarizawa
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Grim Reaper Coat Although people claim I'm "To old" to dress up for Halloween, I do it anyways. I plan on being the grim reaper this year, and it's gonna be awesome.

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Penuhi Gairah Kaum Urban, Indonesia Menyerap Budaya Kopi Dari Melbourne http://www.perutgendut.com/read/penuhi-gairah-kaum-urban-indonesia-menyerap-budaya-kopi-dari-melbourne/4701 #Food #Kuliner #News

There are stranger things than a cat barista, right? Whose to say a cat barista wouldn't be the best hipster/latte artist/coffee roasters, ever?

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Jeff Newton's "Americano Mondays" Is Coffee Photography At Its Best