Because I'm already thinking about tomorrow morning.                          Coffee, The Ritual by Beth Kirby and Rebekka Seale on Steller

COFFEE The Ritual

Coffee The Ritual - there's so much truth in this . I drink coffee more for the ritual & comfort than for the actual flavor craving.

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Coffee Makes Me Happy Tee

Coffee Makes Me Happy Tee

Photograph by Natalia Lisovskaya. Food styling, cup of coffee, beautiful ceramic cup, silver creamer.

coffee brewed like this...

Four Barrel Coffee/The Mill - San Francisco ** MUST visit this coffee cafe!

Bosco Lever Machine. (Click on photo for larger image.) Photo found here:

I just saw this photo. It took me back to a specific place and time when coffee was new, exciting and a little intimidating. What a fantastic time to remember.

Penuhi Gairah Kaum Urban, Indonesia Menyerap Budaya Kopi Dari Melbourne #Food #Kuliner #News

There are stranger things than a cat barista, right? Whose to say a cat barista wouldn't be the best hipster/latte artist/coffee roasters, ever?

newton_130612_1750.jpg (1000×667)

Jeff Newton's "Americano Mondays" Is Coffee Photography At Its Best

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