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St☆rlight_Danly on Twitter: "@VIXXSUPPORT @VIXXSupport_SP u deserve a chiken party!!! Thanks for ur hard work!! #Dynamite1stWin #VIXX20thTROPHY"

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Leo cute

The only thing leo gets excited about. Lol I get that excited about chicken too!

Haha N!! Oooh poor Leo xD #vixx #n #leo

Look how proud Hyuk is XD He's just like "yes. I beat Leo hyung to a staring contest.


lol Leo's death glare N watch out! --> I love his reaction though.

I love Leo's smile :D

VIXX 's Leo ☆ Taekwoon ☆ Oh my god , his smile here is not only adorable but so genuine as well :o

Neo hahaha

Not just amused, but literally cackling. Brush can testify.

VIXX- I love how Leo's just like ew, no get away from me

I like to think of Leo and N as a couple where N is overly affectionate and Leo hates it, but loves him regardless. Too similar to their real relationship right?

Aside from the lack of Ravi, this gif captures VIXX's personalities very well, lol

Haha N and Ken's hot dancing ;) And then there's Leo playing with the ball not caring about everyone else like always. Too bad we can't really see Ravi but it looks like he's also dancing like Hyuk haha

Troll Leo

I just rewatched this (Plan V Diary) and I can't stop laughing --->>> Leo (VIXX) inspiration for Junah's personality