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Find out exactly when to take vitamins and how to time your supplements during the day.

*NIKKI CERTIFIED*: A Guide To Optimising Your Vitamins And Supplements Infographic. I place this on my pill case- FYI get a plastic hardware nail case and place vitamins and label FAT or Water soluble. (Cheap and easier than opening 20 bottles a day ;

NegativeEmotions harm your overall wellness and health. The organ system can be…

Emotions are stored in our body on the CELLULAR level! When we choose to hold onto anger, frustration, jealousy, or impatience, those emotions negatively impact our physical well-being. Questions t.

Guide to geranium essential oil #health #holistic #natural

Geranium oil is not only beneficial in improving physical, mental and emotional health but also helps in treating acne, reducing inflammation, alleviating anxiety and balancing hormones.

Chemical free, budget friendly and perfect for ANY family, this Homemade Coconut Shampoo is just what you've been looking for! Budget friendly, All natural and very easy to customize for hair type (or issues) too! It makes an awesome gift too!

Chemical free, budget friendly Homemade Coconut Shampoo: ◾½ cup coconut milk ◾⅔ cup unscented Castile soap (or make your own homemade Liquid Castile soap) tsp. Jojoba oil drops essential oil of your choice