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the movie my neighbor totoro is shown in front of some flowers and trees
จพ𓈒𓆸‎⁑ on Twitter
a woman taking a photo with her camera in the middle of an empty parking lot
two men with black hair and white shirts
Kyungmin i-land
Dari sudut mana pun tetap tampan<3
love you min:> Idol, Hanbin, Boy Groups, Kpop, Sf9, Btob, Photo
love you min:>
two pictures of the same person giving thumbs up
Avv cute
four pictures of the same person smiling
Jake i-land
Very sweet smile:>
three different shots of a young man with black hair, wearing a plaid shirt and white t - shirt
Jake i-land
So cuteee
Jake i-land
Jake i-land
a young man wearing glasses and looking off to the side
Jake i-land
Om my God!
a man sitting at a table with an ice cream cone in his hand and another person standing behind him
Jake I-LAND pre-debut
Tuh kan emg ganteng:(
a young man sitting on a bench looking at his cell phone while holding a shopping bag
Jake I-LAND pre-debut
Duh calon calon bias sejuta umat...