Al-Karim,The Generous,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Karim,The Generous. 99 Names of Allah

Al-Jami',The Gatherer,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Jami',The Gatherer, 99 Names

Ar-Raqib,The Watchful One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Ar-Raqib,The Watchful One >> Names of Allah

Az-Zahir,The Manifest One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Az-Zahir,The Manifest Names

Ar-Rashid,The Righteous Teacher,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Ar-Rashid, The Righteous Teacher 99 Names

Al-Wakil,The Trustee,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Wakil, The Trustee, Islam, Muslim, 99 Names

Al-Wahid,The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Wahid,The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible. Names of Allah

Al-Majid,The Glorious,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Majid,The Glorious, 99 Names

Al-Badi,The Originator,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Badi,The Originator,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Qawiyy,The Possessor of All Strength,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Qawiyy,The Possessor of All Names

Al-Matin,The Forceful One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Our first born is name Abdul Matin Firdaus. As the meaning itself we want him to be someone who is firm and someone who could lead by example.

Al-Ghaffar,The Forgiving-Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Ghaffar,The Names -Allah affedicidir tövbe edelim

Al-Mu'akhkhir,The Delayer,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Mu'akhkhir (The Delayer) ~ The One who holds back or keeps something back to put it in its proper place Names of Allah

Al-Muqsit,The Equitable One,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Muqsit,The Equitable Names

Al-Wasi,The All-Comprehending,Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Wasi,The All-Comprehending, 99 Names

Al-Wahhab,The Giver of All-Islam,Muslim,99 Names

Al-Wahhab,The Giver of Names