Elegant black...want this one

want thi s one

Kimono style is most popular Japanese style. The word ‘kimono’ means ‘thing to wear’. Kimono outfits

Fashion Arabic Style Illustration Description Hijab Fashion A longline chequered Kimono with a monochrome effect available in 4 lengths and with loose fitting sleeves the ideal slip on over your casual everyday outfits.aabcollection – Read More –

hijab and hijab fashion image

hijab, skirt, and stylé image

Evening Dress

This product is not accepted as refund because it is in Ehime.

Evening dress #WhiteLace #Cream

Evening dress - plus size dresses for women, white tight dresses, ladies gown dresses *ad

SET Maroon Hijab Lady  3in1 (Maxi Dress + Crop Top + Pashmina)

Am not Muslim but I love their style

Let's be different, sisters!

Let's be different, sisters!

Different Hijab Fashion Style 2015

Different Hijab Fashion Style 2015 - HijabiWorld



Daily tudong people (12 hijabi bridal styles)

Hijab for party or fomal events

Gold Ivy Open Abaya

An ultra classic design, adorned with dull gold ivy embroidery in a perfect kimono inspired open style abaya.

Modest long sleeve maxi dress full length stylish trendy fashion | Mode-sty

Dark Blue Maxi Dress

A sophisticated dress with exquisite detail- side pleating, pockets and darting…

Source of Magic by Risa Rodil

‘Source of Magic’ by Risa Rodil


♥ I'd maybe change the heels to flats and a different colour scarf, but still - she looks absolutely stunning :)

Pretty in Pastels