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a room filled with lots of windows covered in decorative furniture and decorating items on top of a rug
These Photos Prove Why you should Travel to Pakistan - World of Wanderlust
a white swan floating on top of a lake next to lush green trees and bushes
two people are walking on a bridge over the water near some rocks and cliffs that look like they have been built into the ocean
a woman is standing in front of a house with birds flying around the pond and trees behind her
Dream home
several people are walking around in front of an ornate white building with black and white checkered floors
Krishna-Balaram Mandir [ Temple ] — ISKCON Temple at Vrindaban, Uttar Pardesh, India
an old building with steps leading up to it and a mountain in the back ground
10 Days in Northern Pakistan - World of Wanderlust
Khaplu Palace Serena Hotels | WORLD OF WANDERLUST
Beautiful places
a woman is walking across a bridge in front of some palm trees and buildings on the other side
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a walkway leading to the great pyramid in giza