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This is Margine. She is 19 and loves to act. She also loves to write scrips for drama club and help out with crafting the props for the play. She spends most of her time reading Shakespeare and Hans Christian Anderson pieces. She makes high goals for herself. She plans to make it to Broadway or in a movie after earning her Masters Degree. She is optimistic and looking forward to life's obstacles that are coming her way. This is Margine's story. What's yours?

Anime version of me haha I thought this was pretty cool. It was just a picture of my face and hair that I had taken and whomever made me into an Anime girl haha dark hair green eyes and everything.

Anime garota fundo

Mimorin Katerami and Dawvrils /// Tags: "blue eyes" "grey hair" "headphones" "long hair" "smile" "stuffed animal" "thigh highs" Artist: "Kriss Sison"