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Receta de Masa Para Donas – Emma Recetas
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¡ LISTAS en 5 Minutos! 🍩😍 Dulces de pueblo FÁCILES y ECONÓMICOS 😋 Rosquillas Leonesas. | Con solo unos pocos ingredientes y un toque de cariño, aprenderás a hacer este dulce tradicional de manera sencilla. ¡Empecemos a cocinar! 🍩👵... | By La Cocina de la Abuela | Doughnuts prepared in five minutes and with a pinton like the one you see in the picture, there you have them, wow, you'll get teary-eyed, they're a real wonder. We need milk, one hundred and eighty milliliters of milk, which is a cup more or less, pour it in a hunt. We add the following ingredient butter eighty grams of butter inside and add it with fifteen grams of sugar just inside too. A splash of liquor. With ten milliliters of anise. A grandma classic. Inside and we're carrying the fire until it's hot. As soon as it's hot. Removemos. Until it is completely melted down. And we lead back into the fire. We'll wait until it's boiling. Next ingredient 100 grams of flour. See, we got it boiling. We just added everything inside. We remove without stopping. As the mass forms. It will take barely 20 seconds. Do you see? That's how it's going to look for you. It doesn't stick. This dough is a wonder. And we're going to leave it there for a minute to cool down a bit. Next ingredient we need two large L eggs. Let's add. First one. Removemos. And then the other one. Let's remove it again. It takes a bit to build in but in the end the mass swallows it all. So don't suffer, it's going to take you a whole minute. Pretty soon you will have a mass like this. It's creamy. And it is spectacular. Fija. From here we go to a pastry sleeve. Lets get the dough in. We put a star-shaped mouthpiece on her. Yes she is big. Much better. And we're going in circles. On a paper for baking. Like this. These are the donuts that are being formed on baking paper. The truth is it's really easy and pretty soon we'll have all our doughnuts ready. I'm going to put them in two pieces and as soon as I get them I'm going in the fire. Sunflower oil. Very hot and inside our doughnuts with the paper up. As soon as they start turning Gold. We split up the paper. We pulled it off. And we turn them around to chill on the other side. In less than 20 seconds for each side you need to have them ready. Ya ves. This is a wonder. Let's retire these two too. Out. We turn around and keep frying. Out of the frying pan. We remove for drying paper so they lose part of the excess oil and leave with the super glaze of this type of donuts. We need icing sugar. Eighty grams. Let's pour into a bowl. And we add water or liquor. Bout to do the mix. In my house. We usually use it there, a little, without going over. Shake until you form a honey texture mixture. Like this. And with this, wonderful mix, we go over the donuts that are still hot and painted. You got it. Well, you already have the recipe ready. St. Froilan Donuts. A sweet that is prepared in five minutes with economical ingredients and with a pint like the one you see in the picture. Shop more. You won't regret it.