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tinggal dorongg nih gaes.. ide gerobak jualan lengkap dengan meja makannya..
the outside of a restaurant with wooden benches and tables
Banco de Pallet: 60 Modelos, Ideias e Fotos Passo-a-Passo
Banco de pallet com almofadas pretas | LOVE THIS | Restaurant Decor Ideas from Your Business Helper | Pallet Patio furniture with the black cushions & the black exterior makes it look elegant | Need help designing your space for max flow & beauty? | For Signs & Decor @BWdeSigns or
the inside of a cafe with wooden tables and benches
[Decoração para Cafeterias] Como criar um ambiente moderno e aconchegante
a wooden desk sitting in the middle of an empty room with lots of windows on it
■ スマート屋台 - Kazuro Otsubo BLOG
a man standing at the top of a food cart in front of a blue sky
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "HEISENBERG CATERING COUNTER"
a man standing in front of a black and gold cart with lights on it's sides
a man standing behind a black and gold cart with plants on it's sides
Container Caffe Small Cafe Design, Mobile Coffee Shop
Booth Container Custom Wood Bar
an outdoor food cart with signs on the front and back sides, in a warehouse
+300 mẫu xe bán hàng lưu động rẻ đẹp chất lượng -
+300 mẫu xe bán hàng lưu động rẻ đẹp chất lượng -
the starbucks coffee cart is designed to look like it has been made out of cardboard
Carrinho Gourmet para Shopping | Starbucks
Execução em MDF, fórmica amadeirada e preta com azulejos subway. Estrutura metálica, metais e puxadores em pintura automotiva, cor preta. Iluminação de lâmpadas com filamento aparente. Equipamentos embutidos. Armário com porta de abrir para estoque. Cobertura em MDF, fórmica amadeirada e preta com logos retro-iluminados. Medidas: 3,50 x 1,00m Local de Instalação: Diversos shoppings e eventos Ano de Fabricação: 2019 #carrinho #carrinhos #carrinhoparaeventos #carrinhosparaeventos
an ice cream cart is parked on the sidewalk
Coffee Bike
Completely battery-operated, our coffee carts and bikes are specialized to meet your needs as a mobile café.
a food cart sitting in the middle of a parking lot next to some wooden benches
Chariot Café - Groupe Lucien Barrière - Musée
an old fashioned ice cream cart with wheels
Tea Bar On Wheels
We produce the most innovative, technologically advanced, and sustainable commercial bikes and carts in the world.
a coffee cup with wifi on the side in front of some tables and chairs
Business Signs for sale | eBay