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This is one of my favorite activities I've done this year! Thanks @Kathleen S S Pedersen

PRE K TEACHING MANNERS Here is a fun little packet for you to help teach manners and expectations in school the first few days of school! I hope you enjoy it!

Resources for teaching grammar

Resources for teaching grammar! Wouldn't this be a cool addition to the classroom, a book that has songs about grammar! You could sing a song each week and try to get it stuck in the student's heads so they begin singing about grammar too!

teaching theme

Theme Organizer - Theme is difficult to teach and this gives a list of common themes taught in stories; possibly use for readers response?

CAUSE and EFFECT BINGO- This could be a center, or great activity for a small group.

CAUSE AND EFFECT BINGO This was made for speech therapy, but I can't help but think it'd be great for teaching independent and dependent variables in math---cause = independent variable; effect = dependent variable.