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AE_Comrade Adopts by ShadowOfSolace

List of Comrade Monsters available for adoption by members of Comrade- Similar to a hunter/pet arrangement, Comrade Monsters can be summoned to fight on their Masters behalf during combat. The majo.

His name is Jiang Shuo,a character from Note of Haunted House(Novel).

Feimo is a Chinese CG illustrator who good at character painting.With realistic painting style as the main,she also painting western magical style.Her works including novel and game illustration,ch.

1girl absurdres blood blue_eyes blue_nails enbizaka_no_shitateya_(vocaloid) hair_ornament highres japanese_clothes kimono long_hair looking_at_viewer megurine_luka mxn nail_polish pink_hair scissors smile solo song_name vocaloid

absurdres blood blue eyes blue nails enbizaka no shitateya (vocaloid) hair ornament highres japanese clothes kimono long hair looking at viewer megurine luka mxn nail polish pink hair scissors smile solo song name vocaloid

黑色禁药的窝 's Weibo_Weibo

This guy's close to but not quite Leirhan. I'm thinking this might be a drawing/portrait of Caeard, Leir's dad. Except, obviously, the shoulders are a little disproportionate, given that the man was