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This'll be our country's personal vault holding ACTUAL MONEY for our people.

Abundance, prosperity, financial security for my current and future generations,and the ability to give back - I claim it! - A Luxury Life For You


money sticks to me with ease like glue. money is magnetically drawn to me. money shows up out of unexpected sources in my life always every day! every day i find and receive big money. it just comes to me out of many ways and sources.

Spare #change found under cushion. #rich #wealth $$$$$$$$$

I am grateful for everything I have and I'm a rich and powerful money magnet and money flows effortlessly to me

I am happy and grateful that i have all the money i want to live a beautiful and successful life full of abundance

I am a money magnet! Large amounts of money comes in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis! I am blessed!

Money flows to me by the millions

Money flows to me by the millions everyday. Thank you for all I have received.

Ramazan 1436

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