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Salsabila Khairunnisa
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Finally finished the second BTS fanart series! Here’s BTS with girlfriend aaaannnd… um… a couch. Hope you all enjoy it as much as the first one ^__^

Yet another Bangtan series!o hahaha Everyone please enjoy classy and chic Jhope! BTS Jhope b-w

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Me currently because I have a part one Spanish final tomorrow (writing 200 words) and it's 11 pm and still haven't finished my homework.

I'm crying...this ain't ever gonna be me... :( But still it's really well done...these are always the cutest... -@BeautyandthePoet

How I wish that was me and Jungkook 😭 I wish but I guess t might never happen I love Jeon Jungkook (as my bias ) but omg this is just too cute uuhhh who ever becomes his girlfriend is lucky