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Bianca Gobalesa EDT. (@bianca_gobalesa)

I have been looking at a lot of cut and paste art collages and for some reason I think you would like them! So I'm pinning to you 😊 Bianca Gobalesa EDT.


Digital design ideas and inspiration. Love this colourful, fun poster design. Love the yellow, pink, orange, teal and mint green together.

Stranger than Fiction

I chose this picture because I like the bright colors that are in the picture and how they're repeated throughout the picture. I also like how there's a contrast with the bright blue on the person's face and the darker purple color in the hair.

I'm so glad this picture exists

He is young; but he is still 18 and an adult. And although I am a sorta big age difference, I am well aware that the chances of meeting Luke (much less dating him) are extremely slim.

calum Photoshoot

Because it's my secret baby Calum's birthday. I love him to pieces. And I know I don't tell many people I listen to but their like that obsession I have that no one really cares about. But again happy birthday beautiful angel. I love you so much.