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Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Capitalism entails the private ownership of natural resources and capital goods, by a class of owners called capitalists, either individually, collectively or through a state apparatus that operates for a profit or serves the interests of capital owners. Money was primarily a standardized medium of exchange, and final means of payment, that serves to measure the value of all goods and commodities in a standard of value. It eliminates the cumbersome system of barter.

Capitalism- An economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Developments during the Age of Exploration led to the origins of modern capitalism.

Gummy Bear Society... It needs foreign invasion, a bunch of Swedish fish, or gummy worms!

Funny pictures about Understanding Government Systems With Gummy Bears. Oh, and cool pics about Understanding Government Systems With Gummy Bears. Also, Understanding Government Systems With Gummy Bears photos.

Poverty in America - BO-NITA addresses the experience of a young girl and her mother living in poverty

Poverty in America - An infographic that shows just how much people struggle with poverty nowadays. It turns out that those living below the poverty line are three times more likely to develop mental illness than those living above the poverty line.

COMMENTS SOCIOLOGY MAJORS HATE TO RECEIVE Freshman year: Sociology, must be sociable!  Sophomore: So you want to be a teacher? Social worker? Soci=social work??  Junior: So want do you think of xxxx?  Senior: So....what do you want to do in future?  THE MEMORIES.

This image shows how different segments of society view the same object differently.

This shows the two their society when it comes to a person caught with drugs. Right away a poor person is sentenced to jail because they hold no type of status within society. On the other hand, a rich person can easily get out of a charge because it is not seen as a crime for them and can go get the help that a person on drugs needs no matter their status.

Sociology of justice and criminology: If you're poor and get caught with drugs it's 'a crime.' ("I'm doing 8 months for possession.") If you're right and get caught with drugs, it's 'a scandal.' ("I'm going to rehab.