Chanyeol // EXO // Look at his cute little Minnie ears!

Handsome Chanyeol

i don't care about the gahdamn flowers just show meee the anti fan movie alreaaaaadyyyyyyyyyy

[STARCAST] "The place he walks turns into art”… CHANYEOL’s report on “face completes the look” in London


Someone caption this : D.O : see that stage over there Chan: Yeah, the one thats going up D.O: we gonna dance on top of it when its all the way up Chan: No way! Someone might fall Chan is always looking after everyone


Kakak Tiri -SeKaiYeol- - AwSC -Ka Chanyeol

Read AwSC -Ka Chanyeol from the story Kakak Tiri -SeKaiYeol- by chogiwaw (degem) with reads.s jamannya chanyeol seulbi belom pacara.