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a plate with flowers painted on the side and gold trimmings around the edge
Porzellan-Teller online kaufen | eBay
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a single red flower on a white background
Florist Atlanta - Flower Delivery Atlanta by Carithers Flowers
carnations flowers | carnation, carnations, carnation flower, carnation flowers
a green flower is lit up against a black background in the dark, it appears to be blooming
Green Carnation
"Robertson was to buy a green carnation at Goodyear’s in the Royal Arcade – ‘They grow them there,’ said Wilde – and to wear it at the performance. ... ‘And what does it mean?’ asked Robertson. Wilde replied, ‘Nothing whatever, but that is just what nobody will guess.’" —from Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellman
a large pink flower on a black background
a painting of pink and white carnations in a glass vase with green stems
Catherine Klein. Гвоздики
Catherine Klein
a painting of yellow and white flowers in a vase
Ancora Klein
Soloillustratori: Ancora Klein