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an image of various items that are in the shape of a woman's head
Miss 2059 Collage Kit - Rookie
Illustrators, India, Vintage Ads, Retro, Vintage Graphic Design, Vintage, Vintage Graphics, Vintage Labels, Vintage Packaging
The Best Art & Design on The Awesomer
an image of a stamp with a man on the moon and palm trees in the background
Crescent - Crescent - LastDodo
an assortment of brightly colored matchesticks and other decorative items on a white background
a red and yellow sign with the words ship on it
Vintage Indian Matchbook Labels
four different types of vintage advertising stickers
Double Takes Blog - Destination and Design
an image of a black cat that is on the side of a red background with yellow letters
Light of India - A Conflagration of Indian Matchbox Art
Vintage Indian Matchbook Labels
Vintage Indian Matchbook Labels
a matchbox with a woman's face on it
Matchboxes from the Subcontinent. - Matt Lee
an old match card with a man holding a round object in his hand and the words, big belly root
Indian Matchbox Labels
a red and white stamp with an image of a building on it's side
Indian Matchbox Labels
many different types of matchboxes are arranged on a wall
matchbox on Tumblr