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"Niqab didn't stop me once from doing what I love, it didn't stop me from studying photography and film-making and choosing this field as a lifetime career! What was really surprising to me that niqab helped me actually! People now get to look at my work and give their opinion based on what they thought of it and they're not being distracted by my appearance! People now get to see my personality purely!" #Muslims_Everyday

"Niqab didn't stop me once from doing what I love, it didn't stop me from…

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Ma sha Allah ❤ +++ THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.       كلمات: بشاره الخورى     ألحان: محمد عبد الوهاب     مقام: عجم     تاريخ: 1933  محمد عبد الوهاب كلمات  جفنه علم الغزل ومن العلم ما قتل  فحرقنا نفوسنا في جحيم من القبل  ونشدنا ولم نزل حلم الحب والشباب  حلم الزهر والندى حلم اللهو والشراب  هاتها من يد الرضى جرعة تبعث الجنون  كيف يشكو من الظما من له هذه العيون  يا حبيبي أكلما ضمنا للهوى مكان  اشعلوا النار حولنا فغدونا لها دخان  قل لمن لام في الهوى هكذا الحسن قد امر  ان عشقنا فعذرنا ان في وجهنا…

Islam commands us to educate ourselves. How do we understand islam without knowledge, bi idhnillah :")

By the Lake

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Photo of Niqabi from above

Love my hijab ♡

Beautiful Muslimah

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Happiness is in remembering Allah. When you change for the sake of Allah.

Niqabi walking through the woods

Niqabi walking through the woods



Gratitude muslimah !

Muslimah anime_graduate ^_^ I think maybe i will become this, InsyaAllah