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an image of the brain with labels on it and other information about what they are doing
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subdura abscess - This is what our sweet girl had, twice! The first surgery didn't take care of the problem because the bacteria was resistant to the antibiotics.
a diagram showing the differences between rime and welder tests in human hair growth
Rinne Test vs. Weber Test
a drawing of a man getting his hair cut by another man with scissors in front of him
What Is The Weber Bone Conduction Test And Why Was It Done To Me?
We bang a tuning fork & stick it on the patients head (Weber). The patient will receive both sounds via the air (testing conduction) and through their skull (testing sensorineural). If they have a conduction defect, then ambient noise.
an image of a man's head with different parts labeled
Weber test
an acne has been removed from the ear and is shown in this graphic above
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Acute Mastoiditis
an info sheet shows the different types of ear and nose piercings, as well as how they are related to each other
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Rosh Review - Bell's palsy - CN 7 palsy - facial nerve - neuro
an image of the head and neck of a man with different facial markings on it
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Rosh Review
an image of medical diagrams showing the different types of ear conditions and how to use them
Middle Ear Conditions Chart / Poster - Laminated
Middle Ear Conditions Chart / Poster - Laminated
two men with different types of sinus and the same type of sinus on their faces
Abuse Notice
Adult Chronic Sinusitis- The Journal of the American Medical Association