My PUG collection ;)

Some of the Pug Shiz in my collection ;)
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a small black pug dog with a gold crown on its head sitting in front of a white wall
King Pug statue ~ Reject Shop
three greeting cards featuring a pug wearing sunglasses
Pug Notebooks
the cup that carries cookies has a dog's face on it and is in a box
Pug Mug :)
two small pug figurines sitting in a box
Wind up Racing Pugs ~ Kmart
Pug Stressball Books
Pug Stressball
the book pig the pug fiber by aaron blabey is on display at the children's museum
"Pig the Fibber" book
the book cover for pig the elf with a dog wearing a santa's hat
"Pig the Elf" book
a pug dog wearing a flower crown on top of a red book with gold lettering
"Lou Lou the Pug" book ~ Big W
a pug dog figurine sitting on top of a toy motorcycle with a lamp
Pug Solar Light ~ Reject Shop
a pug dog wearing a santa hat sitting in front of the word xmas
Pug XMAS ornament
Pug Nighty ~ Best & Less Fashion, Tops, T Shirt, Best, Mens Tops, Women
Pug Nighty ~ Best & Less
Pug Nighty ~ Kmart T Shirts For Women, Graphic Tshirt, Mens Tshirts, Mens Graphic, Mens Graphic Tshirt, Women's Top
Pug Nighty ~ Kmart
a coffee cup with cookies, crackers and a dog's face on it
Pug Mug ~ Target
a small pug dog standing on top of a tree branch next to a book
2016 Pug Diary
Pug Christmas T-shirt ~ Best & Less
Pug Christmas T-shirt ~ Best & Less