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the top ten summer activities for kids
The Best Summer Activities for Kids
40+ Summer Activities for kids! Summer crafts, outdoor games, water games, summer treats, and more.
a toy car made out of legos with a bottle attached to the side and text reading baking soda and vinegar powered lego rocket car
Build a Rocket Powered LEGO Car - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
a blue substance in a bowl with snow flakes around it and the words chilly chemical reactions
Chilly Chemical Reactions! {Endothermic Reactions} - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
the instructions for building lego vehicles are shown in multiple pictures, with text overlaying them
How to Build Cool LEGO Mini Vehicles
Build cool LEGO mini vehicles - building instructions for a school bus, UPS truck, mail truck, Jeep, and more. Fun LEGO ideas.
a blackboard with the words take charge of your child's learning in 10 minutes a day
Take Charge of Your Child's Learning in 10 Minutes a Day - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
the lego animals are all made out of legos
How to Build LEGO Animals
Learn how to build LEGO animals! Lion, shark, monkey, zebra, toucan, and more. Building instructions for tons of cool LEGO animals. #lego #legoideas #legobuilder #legofan
how to play texas twister on the table with playing cards and chips in front
How to Play Texas Twister Card Game
Learn how to play Texas Twister - the card game! Also called Texas Mix. This is a fast-faced trick taking game where every round is different. Fun family card game!
a castle made out of legos is shown with the words lego castle review on it
LEGO Lion Knights' Castle and Creator Castle Reviews
Full reviews of the new LEGO Lion Knights' Castle and the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle. Both are EPIC! #lego #legoreview #legocastle #legolionknightscastle #legofan
toilet paper roll owls are the perfect craft for kids to make
Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft
This adorable toilet paper roll owl craft is perfect for fall or anytime! Love the cupcake liner wings. Fun kids craft.
paper roll owl crafts for kids to make
Toilet Paper Roll Owls - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
the candy pumpkin rube goldberg challenge is fun for kids
Pumpkin Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge
This is such a cool STEM challenge for fall! Challenge kids to make a Rube Goldberg machine that gets a candy pumpkin into a basket. Engineering Activity.
the free vet pretend play printables are perfect for kids to practice their writing skills
Vet Pretend Play Printables
Print adorable sign-in sheets and doctor recording sheets for vet pretend play. Such a fun kids activity!
paper cup flowers in a mason jar
Paper Cup Flower Craft - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Paper Cup Flower Craft - make beautiful flowers out of paper cups, paint, glue, beads, and straws. Fun spring and summer craft for kids.
lego city building ideas for kids with instructions to make them look like they are going on vacation
LEGO City Building Ideas
Make a LEGO shopping cart, grocery store, mail truck, and more. Fun LEGO city building ideas! Building instructions to use with the bricks you have at home.