cute tutorial! looks nice when u try by ur own and it covers ur chest well. subhanallah

moonhmz: “ a simple sketch on how I usually wear my hijab. I like it long, especially in the front :) ” 1000 notes! OMG you guyss! My first sketch to reach 1000 notes is this simple sketch of a ‘hijab tutorial’.

How to make basic linen Coif(In finnish but the only one that shows the diagram. I have other ones in english that explain the process

The Birgitta Cap how to. Image of pattern copied from Medieval Clothing & Textiles 4 (Dahl/Sturtewagen).

Hijab tutorial

Semanis Impian - Majalah NUR - I had to look at this one carefully, but this is a great idea to extend a short hijab as a longer one.

Inner magic

Inner magic