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DeviantArt: More Like [ Render ] Gareki and Yogi - Karneval by CaptainMisuzu

Bokura Ga Ita

Bokura Ga Ita Episode Nanami Takahashi is a high school student entering her first year. Immediately on her first day however, she becomes the victim of a practical joke by the school's most popular guy, .

Bokura ga ita vol.11

Bokura ga ita I loved this anime, manga, and both of the movies. All of it was so good and I cried every time I finished one of them.


It's already pm in Korea, but today is Do you know what it means? It means start a EXO-L is We are one!


Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and Tiffany are featured in June 2012 issue of Korean Vogue Girl Magazine for a special campaign with Chanel’s popup store.