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a diagram that shows the different types of people's feelings and their roles in dating
The Gottman Institute on Twitter
“Understanding each other’s triggers is one of the most important things that you can do to avoid hurting one another.”
some paper cut outs with cowboy on them
Caixa China in Box Kit Fazendinha Menino - Fazendo a Nossa Festa
Caixa China in Box Kit Fazendinha Menino
an open book on top of a white sheet
Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas To Take Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level
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Brit + Co Video
How to Make Your Own 2016 Journal
someone holding up a planner with the words december written on it and an orange pencil in their hand
setting up december!! ⛄️❄️
a notebook with a grid paper on top of it
I just came across with the idea of starting my own bulletin-doddled notebook-agenda so these are some taking notes patterns I've seen around and others I came up with.
the printable worksheet for handwriting and numbers
Banner Headers & Template
Banner Headers & Template - Kate Louise
two notebooks sitting next to each other on top of a marble table with flowers
February Set Up & Template
Bullet Journal February Set Up & Template
the printable planner is shown in black and white, with dotted lines on it
Detailed Weekly Set Up & Template
Detailed Weekly Set Up & Template - Kate Louise
a printable daily planner with the date and time for each month in black ink
Bullet Journal 2017 Set Up Planning Tracker Template