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Sentient beings (Part 1 / - by Tomi Väisänen “Personal project of mine where I wanted to explore the designs of this twisted and dark cyberpunk world. Overall goal would be the gameplay of.

Robot Leg, Diorama, Robots, Concept Art, Soldiers, Guns, Scale, Weapons Guns, Weighing Scale, Weapons, Robotics, Robot, Pistols, Conceptual Art, Revolvers, Libra, Ladder, Dioramas, Weight Scale, Firearms, Gun

Gundam Art, Model Kits, Armour, Robots, Military, Body Armor, Robotics, Robot, Military Personnel

Robots, Cyborgs, Concept Art, Cyberpunk, Armours, Weapons, Sci Fi, Android, Vehicles, Highlights, Armors, Weapons Guns, Science Fiction, Robotics, Robot, Suit Of Armor, Weapon, Car, Conceptual Art, Guns, Vehicle, Gun, Firearms

Steampunk Robots, Frame Arms, Armours, Action Figures, Concept Art, Cyborgs, Manga Comics, Gundam, Drones, Armors, Suit Of Armor, Conceptual Art