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two people with blue hair and one is holding his head to his ear while the other looks at him
kiki WEE!!!
#WEE!!! #Kiki #Tukiem #Webtoonlokal
two young men with black hair and glasses smiling at the camera, while one man has his arm around another guy's shoulder
sho WEE!!
#WEE!!! #Sho #Shoto #Webtoonlokal
three anime guys with their eyes closed and one has his hand on his head while the other
toro WEE!!!
#WEE!!! #Toro #Webtoonlokal
an anime character with blue hair and the words 3k ketoolan kegoblokan kebansgatan
an image of two people that are touching each other
@hxryaa On Sticker.Iy
an anime character covering his face with his hands and the caption reads, tetap sedh wau tidak aa yang menyaki
a man in a suit and tie giving the thumbs up sign while wearing a hat
Yoojin Stay Halal
an image of a person with text that reads kak jagan gitu dong? aku kan mashikecil
an image of a man and woman in the rain with text that reads, paper salam tolol
an anime character holding his hand up to his ear with the caption that reads, tertampar keryatan
Credit to @hyunqseok
an anime character with the caption'bukan ak'in front of him
janghyun - lookism