I would not mind if Chanyeol and Kai were my co-workers... xD

Kai/Kim Jongin & Park Chanyeol in Black Suits & Ties♡

I have no idea why I have a Chanyeol and kyungsoo board bc neither of them are my biases....

Little gray riding hood - what big eyes you have --

Cute chanyeol

Seriously Chanyeol could play the Korean harry potter.

[SCAN/HQ] MID POLAROID CARD SET 43p (width 2000px) :: OliV*올리브

[SCAN/HQ] MID POLAROID CARD SET 43p (width 2000px) :: OliV*올리브


Stage Name: Chanyeol/ 찬열 Real Name: Park Chan Yeol/박찬열 Nickname: Wealthy teeth, Happy virus, King of Derps Position: Main rapper, Vocalist Born: November 1992

[SCAN/HQ] 중독 overdose post card 33p (width 2500px) :: OliV*올리브

Chanyeol (EXO) New Overdose Postcard (Scan) by OliV_xoxo

Park Chan Yeol, Chanyeol, Exo