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some food is laying out on a pan with the words, radioactive taco crackers snack
Tasty Taco Crackers
Here's a simple snack you'll want to try out at home! I'm even thinking this would be great to add to your spread on Cinco de Mayo this year. These taco crackers are so easy to make and have so much flavor in every bite!
two pictures show different types of food wrapped in bread and rolled up to look like rolls
Pickle Dip Roll-Ups
Pickle Dip Roll-Ups ~ Pickle fans, these tasty roll-ups are for you! With their classic creamy pickle dip filling, they pack great pickle flavor in every bite. Perfect for parties, snacking, game day, or even lunch. #picklediprollups #pickledippinwheels #pickles
the recipe for dill pickle chex mix is shown in this advert
Dill Pickle Chex Mix
1h 15m
caramel butterscotch corn puffs bars are an easy snack for kids and adults
Caramel Butterscotch Corn Pops Bars - Kelly Lynn's Sweets and Treats
a white bowl filled with cereal covered in powdered sugar
Churro Honeycomb Snack Mix!