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Truth be told...  That's what they're saying...
What the HELL is wrong with us... politicians on the take !
Thank goodness there are still real scientists who know that us scientists don't already know everything.
Vote with your wallet
Check out this SCARY report on #Monsanto and its history from Food & Water Watch. #GMOs.  { PICTURE }    CANCER DEVELOPING FACTORY.
Good to GMO's!
Obama appoints Monsanto chief lobbyist as senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA (old news, I just like the meme)So who is now head of the FDA?
If You See This Label On The Fruit Do Not Buy It At Any Cost – This Is Why
The change in how agriculture is produced has brought, frankly, a change in the profile of diseases. We've gone from a pretty healthy population to one with a high rate of cancer, birth defects and illnesses seldom seen before. More here: #StopMonsanto #LabelGMOs #BanGMOs