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an image of colorful flowers with swirls and dots
you're beautiful i - full inside and out poster with the words, you're
Yes, I’m talking to you.
two heart shaped glasses with the words, i'm not perfect and no perfect
Be real not perfect - Embrace your true self! 🩷 . #berealnotperfect #embraceyourself #selfkindness
the people who make you feel like sunshine are your people quote on a colorful background
I hand lettered the type. I love typewriter font and I want to use it all the time, but my agent says hand lettered is always better. Which do you prefer?? Swipe to see a little message just for you….
a quote that says, when in doubt hug your dog
Hug your Dog
a colorful poster with the words you are worthy of every good thing
the words never give up are surrounded by hearts and dots in blue, green, purple, and white
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some balloons that say let it go