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a white dog standing in the middle of some green plants and trees with its tongue hanging out
Anjing kampung plus anjing kebun
a person holding a bird nest in their hand with lots of green plants behind them
Adanya sarang burung
two men are riding in a boat on the water while another man is standing behind them
a person holding out some green fruit in their hand on the side of a road
Di kalimantan buah nya gratis
four people dressed in costumes posing for a photo under a tent with blue tarps
Hantu-hantunya, just for fun
a large group of people standing under a tent with food on it's sides
Meja panjang
Tradisi tetap tradisi, cukup menarik dan meriah dalam suasana tahun baru
a person is picking fruit from a tree
a fire burning inside of a brick oven
No kompor gas
a person holding up a large leaf with some fruit on it in the middle of a forest
Versi mini ceri
the sun shines brightly through the clouds above trees
Kebun hutan
the sun is setting behind some trees in the woods with no leaves or branches on them
Deep gratitude to God for the beautiful creation of nature.