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an image of a woman with a blue background and text that reads,'mrs betty bowers patriotic transgenders serving our country are not fit to serve, but a rich
Punk ass president! You fucked with the wrong people! Be prepared to pay the price! Rich little punk!
two women standing next to each other in front of a cake
Ellen and Portia... look at that cake!
two men in suits standing next to each other
Mark Ruffalo and Adrian brody
an info poster with penguins and other animals in different colors, sizes, and shapes
iexistforme: jenny-jinya: I think this is important knowledge Woo! Awesome. :-)
two men in suits and ties running down a hallway holding rainbow - colored kites
This photo makes me smile so much
an image of a man with two children
That is how I explain it, and it works. - not my pin but I'm re pinning because it's beautiful. We are just people we can wear what feels comfortable for us gender is a social construct it's society who said trucks are for boys dolls are for girls break out of the box society puts you in and you'll be happier. Stop trying to put people in boxes that don't make sense.
four women with different hair styles and words on them
"Lesbians all dress alike."
there are many different images of men in suits and ties on the screen, with one man's face partially obscured by his hands
Neil Patrick Harris - FunSubstance
nph is amazing :) and he and david burtka are an insanely gorgeous couple
some people are standing together with the words 25 examples of male privilege from a trans guy's perspective
25 Examples Of Male Privilege From A Trans Guy’s Perspective
25 Examples Of Male Privilege From A Trans Guy’s Perspective
an image with the words, to the lgbt community please know that you have millions of alles across our country
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Hillary Clinton | The Huffington Post | LGBT
a poster with the names of different people
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a man in a suit and tie sitting down
The exact opposite of Pence. #ClintonKaine2016
an old document with red and white lines on the bottom, and words that read we are people
I am joining the Human Rights Campaign in support of marriage equality.