Hijab Close Ups | Hashtag Hijab

This Christian girl wants to start wearing a head scarf. Def come in handy with my wacky hair days.

This is the most beautiful dress in the whole world! If anyone knows where to get it from let me know.

Business Casual - Skirts/Dresses

Statement necklaces with hijab #fustany

كيف ترتدين الأعقاد الكبيرة مع الحجاب؟

Business suit jackets can be worn a bright coloured shirt, statement necklace and envelope clutch bag for nights out

My latest obsession #jerseyhijabs

this outfit is a reminder what a bold statement color can make! with the addition of this beautiful yellow hijab each piece of the outfit falls into place. i love the asymmetrical look created by lengthening this gorgeous hijab on one side, nice work sis!