This is an easy hijab tutorial demonstrating how to create folds for a voluminous hijab look, the trick lies in using a chiffon hijab , these types make folds naturally, however you will need an underscarf in which you will…

This is the perfect "hijab with folds" classic it looks beautiful and everyone can choose how many folds they want, this look is very easy and quick to make. Just seems too puffy


From eyeshadow primers to nude pumps, the beauty and fashion industries are finally catching onto the fact that consumers have many different skin tones.

Tesettür Tunik 10137-03 Vizon Siyah

Tesettür Tunik All Day 10137-03 Vizon Siyah

Different ways to tie scarves around your head... Honestly, I'd do this if it were raining, cause I'm too lazy (forgetful) to grab an umbrella.

Hijabi style seems soooo "Jackie O." All you need is a pair of oversized sunglasses and a convertible!

30+ Hijab Styles Step by Step - Style Arena

Stylish Hijab Styles Step by Step. Hijab is a modest dress common to muslim women and girls, there are many ways to tie hijab.

Tesettür Tunik 10136-05 Siyah Beyaz

Tesettür Tunik All Day 10136-05 Siyah Beyaz

This outfit struck me, but I don't think I would wear this one

hijab outfits? | turkish hijab model

Models in Hijab turkish hijab model – New, Modern Fashion Styles for Hijab Girls and Women clothing

Armine Silk Hijab Fall Winter 2014-2015 #5740 | Modefa USA

Armine Silk Hijab Fall Winter 2014-2015 #5740

Armine Black Silk Hijab

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